Mastering GA4: Introduction

Well, we’ve had a little while now to get into GA4 (Google Analytics 4)…. sooooo….. all set up and running? I guess your data is all flowing correctly, conversions notching up a bit and so on… Am I right?

Please tell me I am – it would be welcome! However, maybe you’re in the audience segment that just isn’t quite sure where that at with GA4… and from what I’ve seen and heard, that segment is pretty huge, so you shouldn’t be feeling too bad on yourself. In fact, so far you’d be in the majority.

To make things a bit smoother, here’s a definitive guide to GA4. How you can set it up correctly, how to squeeze out the data you want, and so on. I’ve been using GA4 since it was launched – and I think there’s light at the end of the tunnel. For sure, it’s confusing, and it works very differently to the old Universal Analytics, so I can understand if you feel thrown by it all. But let’s not stay that way!

GA4 Achievers version:

First, I give you the “Achievers” version. This is for everyone really, it’s a quick and dirty guide to setting up and using GA4 the right way. If you just want it to work, and you don’t have the time to get into the why or how behind GA4, then this is all you need. I’ll get you up and running and you can be on your way.

GA4 Executive version:

OK, so you’re set up and running, and you just want to know a little more? You want to know just enough so that you know what you’re talking about? You want a high level overview of some more features?

We’ve skipped the jargon and tech talk, so come right in and dive just a little bit deeper to show you what’s’ going on and where.

GA4 Engineers version (1):

The first of the “Engineers” trilogy will delve into the technical aspects of GA4, focusing on data collection and event setup. We’ll explain the structure of GA4 events, how to set up custom events, and track user interactions effectively. This blog is intended for technical professionals seeking a deeper understanding of GA4’s event-based data model.

GA4 Engineers version (2):

The second part of the “Engineers” series will explore advanced data analysis techniques within GA4. Readers will learn how to use the data exploration tools effectively, interpret user behavior patterns, and gain valuable insights into audience segmentation and behavior cohorts.

GA4 Engineers version (3):

In the final installment of the “Engineers” series, we’ll take a deep dive into advanced configuration options and integrations with GA4. This blog will cover topics such as cross-domain tracking, e-commerce tracking, custom dimensions, and data import/export capabilities. It’s aimed at experienced developers and data engineers seeking to extend GA4’s capabilities.


In the concluding blog, we’ll recap the key points discussed throughout the series and emphasize the importance of utilizing Google Analytics 4 to its full potential. We’ll encourage readers to apply the knowledge gained from the blogs to optimize their digital presence, make informed decisions, and improve overall business performance using GA4’s powerful analytics capabilities.

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